Make Yourself A Superhero - Digital Image and Print

£25.00 - £65.00

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if it had been you bitten by a radioactive spider, or a billionaire genius inventor, or if you'd been involved in some strange mutation that gave you incredible powers. Would you become your very own superhero?

The time has come, forget radioactive spiders or having to be descended from Greek Gods, turn yourself into your own superhero! Trust Jomig to make your dreams a reality.

With this awesome package you will get a high quality giclee print, signed by Jomig and a digital image that you can use across all of your social medias!

After your purchase we will email you to ask which Superhero you would like the portrait to be of and for a picture of the face of the person who you would like the portrait of. After that, sit back and let the magic happen!